At Alpha Chi Omega 's 1992 National Convention, delegates voted to adopt the Support of Victims of Domestic Violence as a national altruistic project

The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation supports educational programs for victims of domestic violence as well as hands-on support at the local community level where personal involvement can make a difference. Grants go to various agencies across the nation providing services to victims as well as to provide development and implementation of educational programs for members.

In observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Founders Day, Alpha Chi Omega's are encouraged to participate in events in their communities during the month of October.

One component that members of Alpha Chi Omega pride themselves on is the annual philanthropy and service initiatives. We strive each year to implement new projects for awareness, fundraising, and service in order to promote domestic violence awareness. The ladies of the Alpha Mu chapter work to fight against unhealthy relationships and build healthy relationships by serving individuals and families impacted by domestic violence.

In the community, our philanthropic efforts are directed to support the Bloomington Middle Way House (MWH). The mission of the MWH is to provide a sustainable community where individuals can live free from violence and associated threats; a community characterized by equality between women and men and social and economic justice; a community where everyone’s contribution is honored and individual and group differences are valued; a community where everyone is adequately fed, housed, educated and employed; a community that provides opportunities for meaningful participation, personal growth, and creative expression.

We as members of Alpha Chi Omega serve this incredible cause by volunteering at the MWH’s Rise and Shine Daycare, answering phones, and hosting annual events such as Alpha Pie Omega. In every event or volunteer opportunity we engage in, we strive to spread awareness of Domestic Violence, as it is such a prevalent issue in our society, and especially on college campuses.

Here you can get to know a little bit more about our events we plan, coordinate and host annually to continue our awareness campaign:

Alpha Pie Omega
In October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we host an event called "Alpha Pie Omega" where our community is invited to join us in our courtyard and eat pies, pizza, and have to chance to "Pie a Chi." We have a station to buy pies and throw it on our members as a fun way to get involved with our chapter. This event is an opportunity to join our women and the Bloomington community in the fight to end Domestic Violence. We are honored each year at this event to have our friends at the Bloomington Middle Way House come to provide insight on their services and support they can provide to victims.

Donut Let Love Hurt
As ladies of Alpha Chi Omega, we look forward to our annual “Donut Let Love Hurt” event we host in the spring to fundraise for the Middle Way House! It is another fun way to join us at our home, and experience wonderful food that is provided by our chef. He makes donuts of all kinds as well as coffee to help us host a brunch for members of our community here at Indiana University.